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Fun Games for Dogs

03/11/2022 - General

Here are some great fun games for dogs that will help to mentally stimulate them and encourage natural sniffing and chewing behaviours. These games can also help to calm your dog and help prevent boredom.  

The muffin tin game
All you need is a muffin tin, balls and your dog's favourite treats! Place treats in the muffin tin and place balls on top to hide them. Ask your dog to sit then put the tin on the floor for him to sniff out the treats. If he is struggling, you can lift a ball up to show him where the treat is then put the ball back over it.  

Go Find it!
whilst your dog is in the garden or another room, hide treats or his favourite toys. Ask your dog to come in the room and find his treats or toys. You can make it simple by just hiding one toy or treat or you can make more of a challenge by hiding more and in different places.

Interactive games
Fun interactive games where your dog has to find his treats that are hidden are always popular! You could use a sniffy mat or a treat dispensable toy where your dog has to roll it about until the treats come out. 

Chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs so finding a good chew will help him. These could be things like antlers or yak chews.