Dog Walking

Are you at work all day and don't have the time to walk your dog? Do you lead a busy lifestyle?

I offer a one to one dog walking service which will give the daily exercise your dog needs. All walks are catered to your dog's individual needs. I only let your dog off lead if I feel that it is safe to do so after a meet and greet along with your permission. We have lots of fun whilst on a walk and like to socialise with other dogs and humans when possible. If your dog is nervous or unsure of other people, I will ensure he is kept at a safe distance so that your dog enjoys his walk. Whilst on a walk, I will include enrichment to mentally stimulate your dog as well as physically.

This incudes letting your dog sniff as much as he likes, learning basic skills and playing games. This makes his walks interesting and gives him the mental stimulation he needs. If you have more than one dog, I can happily walk them together. After each walk, I will message you and can send pictures to give you peace of mind knowing your dog is having fun. 

Prices: £10 for half an hour (per dog) £15 for 1 hour (per dog) Discount available for more than 1 dog in the same household.