Pooches and Pals Terms and Conditions
1. Client can cancel services up to 48 hours prior free of charge. Failure to do so will mean a full charge.
2. If client continually cancels, I have the right to cancel the contract. Client will then lose their deposit.
3. Sundays, Bank holidays, Christmas and New Year are charged at double rate. Saturday is time and a half.
4. In severe weather conditions such as too hot for a walk (over 25 Degrees C) , I will let your dog(s) out to do their business, ensure they have plenty of fresh water and give them cuddles and company.
5. Client must agree to ensure their dog(s) haven’t eaten within the hour before picking up for walking so that food has had plenty of time to digest. Failure to do so could result in Bloat which could be life threatening.
6. Pooches and pals will only let dogs off a lead once agreed and signed by the client.
7. Pooches and Pals will inform the owner or emergency contact if an emergency was to occur. If I am unable to reach either, I have the right to act on your behalf and seek vet help.
8. Client is responsible for payment of vet fees.
9. Payment must be made for the service in full prior to receiving the service.
10. Client must agree to notify Pooches and Pals immediately of any aggressive or dangerous behaviour such as biting that may cause harm to other animals or people.
11. Pooches and Pals are insured with Protectivity.
12. Client gives consent for Pooches and Pals to put pictures/videos of their pet(s) on social media and website.
13. In the unlikely event your pet passes away, I will contact you immediately and follow your wishes.