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Keeping Your Pet Safe During Firework Season

03/11/2019 - General

It is that time of year again here everyone is getting together to watch the sky light up with fireworks. For us it can be one of the best times of the year but for our pets it can be one of the scariest. Our pets can become highly stressed when they hear the loud noises so it is very important that we know what we can do to help support them during this time of year. Here are a few ideas that may help your pet to feel calm:
Keep your cat indoors during firewrok season so that you can ensure he stays safe.
It is a great idea to walk your dog before it gets dark. Going for longer walks than normal may tire him out enough to sleep through the fireworks. He may like to sleep with a comfortable blanket and his favourite toy.
Engaging with interactive toys, especially food dispensing ones are a big help to entertain your dog. Maybe stuff a Kong toy with some yummy food such as kibble, chicken and broccoli. This will also help tire your dog out.
Ensure all doors, windows and curtains are closed. Put the Tv or radio on and turn the volume up to mask the sound of fireworks. Classical music may help to relax your dog.

Putting a collar and ID tag on your dog is a good idea just incase he gets spooked. Please make sure you have a recent photo of your dog along with up to date details on his ID tag and microchip.
Knowing that your pet may become stressed can leave you feeling stressed too but it is very important that you try and stay calm as dogs pick up changes in your behaviour.
In the coming weeks before the firework season, you could buy a CD with firework sounds or find the sound of fireworks on the internet. Gradually increase the volume and praise any calm beaviour shown. This may eventually get your dog used to the noise that they find scary.
Create a safe den for your dog. A good example would be a crate with a blanket over the top and inside. Do not forget to add his faviourte toy. You can also create safe places for your cat if he finds fireworks scary too.
It is fine to comfort your dog if he is feeling scared as it may help him to relax. If you think it isn't helping them stop immediately.
Ask your local vet about pheromone diffusers which may help to calm your pet.

I wish you all a fantastic and safe bonfire night!